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LAVREOTIKI is a not-for-profit company that is based in the SE region at the tip of Attica, Greece named Lavreotiki. Lavreotiki’s district is appreciated for being a multi-layered place whose landscape is regarded to be a monument.  The origin of the region’s name, and hence the NPO’s, are the words lavra-lavri, which mean underground passage or mine gallery.  The area is one of the oldest mining regions worldwide and its name alludes to the existing underground network of mining galleries.  The LAVREOTIKI NPO was created out of a genuine love for arts and culture.

Heading 6

Stepping lightly into the land’s sites to trace the elements that operate on its side lines, “the spirit or thought that passed there before” (Solnit, 2014). 

The mission of the LAVREOTIKI NPO is to promote contemporary art practices and contribute to the heritage cycle within-and-beyond Lavreotiki in Greece. To achieve these, we wish to create valuable collaborations and foster a spirit of support. Interdisciplinary research, educational activities and production of contemporary art lay at the core of our activity.

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